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ABAC PRO B5900B 270 CT5.5- 270L Air compressor 400V

ABAC PRO B5900B 270 CT5.5- 270L Air compressor 400V

ABAC PRO B5900B 270 CT5.5- 270L Air compressor 400V    ABAC PRO B5900B 270 CT5.5- 270L Air compressor 400V

Clicca in una delle immagini per ingrandirla. ABAC PRO B5900B 270 CT5.5- 270L Air compressor 400V. Three-phase motor 5.5 Hp, air intake 653 l / minute. Power supply 400 V 50 Hz. Hree-phase motor 5,5 Hp.

The expert recommends it for. This compressor is characterized by the two-stage pumping unit in which the air compression occurs in two stages, with two different pressure drops between one piston and the other. The air, between one phase and another of compression (that is to say at the exit from the first piston and before entering the second) is cooled by a finned manifold mounted on one side of the head.

This system, in addition to providing a greater quantity of compressed air, allows to reach higher pressure levels. The induction motor of this model has a power of 5.5 Hp and requires a 400 V three-phase power supply. The pumping unit is oil lubricated , has 2 cast iron cylinders and has a rotation speed of 1,400 rpm. Such a low speed is allowed by a system of pulleys of different diameters, mounted on the engine and on the head and ensures less wear (consequently a greater longevity of the compressor) as well as a lower noise level and operating temperature. The latter is also controlled by a flow of cold air which is conveyed to the pumping assembly by a hard plastic belt cover specially designed for this function. It also protects the mechanisms during their movement from dirt and impacts that could cause significant damage. The suction capacity of this model is equal to 653 liters per minute and the working pressure that reaches it is 11 bar. The compressed air is contained in a tank of 270 liters of automatic charging capacity; when the pressure drops, a pressure switch activates and activates the engine until the maximum pressure level is reached again. In the event that the pressure inside the tank rises excessively, a brass safety valve is activated which, by venting air, brings the pressure back to the correct values. Under the tank a valve is mounted that allows the water that forms inside it to be purged as a result of the moisture compression inevitably present in the intake air. It is advisable to carry out this operation with a certain frequency in order to prevent the water from causing oxidation of the internal walls of the tank, but also to prevent water from being present in the air supplied. The PRO B5900B 270 CT5.5 has two different pressure gauges that measure tank pressure and output pressure; the latter can be adjusted using a knob according to the user's needs. If we want to connect and use two tools at the same time this model allows it, thanks to the double output available. Two solid wheels on the back, two small front wheels with brake and a large handle with rubberised insert, for greater ergonomics, make the movements of this compressor easy and not tiring despite its weight of 170 kg. Suitable for intensive or semi-professional and professional use.

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  1. Brand: Abac
  2. Manufacturer Part Number: 4116019770
  3. Pump Type: Two Stage
  4. Portable or Stationary: Stationary
  5. Tank Capacity (Litres): 270
  6. Voltage (V): 400 V
  7. Horsepower: 5.5HP
  8. Custom Bundle: No
  9. Type: Air Compressor
  10. Accessories: Pressure Gauge
  11. Modified Item: No
  12. Lubrication Type: Oil-Lubricated
  13. Colour: Blue
  14. Model: ABAC PRO B5900B 270 CT5,5
  15. Weight: 170 Kg
  16. Use: Blowing, inflating, painting and nail shooting
  17. EAN: 8024900536775

ABAC PRO B5900B 270 CT5.5- 270L Air compressor 400V    ABAC PRO B5900B 270 CT5.5- 270L Air compressor 400V